Collaborative Harmonies at Laughing Waters

If you are living nearby Whitefield, Bangalore - going to Malleswaram for a classical music concert probably sounds like making a visit to the neighboring state. Thanks to "Onstage' founders Vallari and Rajesh Shah, here is an opportunity for you to do away with some of your interstate trips with  added brownie points for burning fewer gallons of gasoline in the name of culture.

In their beautiful home in Laughing Waters, Onstage offers fans of performing arts an opportunity to experience performances up close. They feature artist in an intimate relaxed setting providing a close and rich connection between the artists and the audience. To see past performance and calender check out OnStage website

Here are a few images from an evening of collaborative music - " Nepal to Bangalore Express" - Sunil on Flute, Neeru on acoustic guitar and Karthik Mani on ghatam and konnakol