United Colors of Holy Epiphany

A few favorites from Vera and Alexander's Russian Orthodox Wedding at the Church of Holy Epiphany in Roslindale, Boston (with a sprinkling of 'getting ready' and reception pictures). Photographing my first orthodox wedding ceremony within the traditional church was true joy - a unique photographic experience in an intimate space embellished by colorful murals and ornamental finery, illuminated by the the mid-afternoon sunlight streaming through the tall clerestory windows,while the soulful music from the Choir in the mezzanine celebrated the union of the gorgeous couple and their families!


PurpleGanesh & WPJA

Its official ! I've been accepted into WPJA - Wedding Photojournalist Association. Its a privilege to be associated with some hardcore bunch of talented folks worldwide. Thank you : )

From the WPJA site

" Since 2002 the WPJA has been the number one trusted source for the best wedding photojournalists in the world. Recognized for excellence by leading wedding publications including BRIDES magazine, the WPJA is an international network of vigorously vetted professional photographers whose work is regularly judged by award-winning photojournalists (including many Pulitzer Prize-winners) and news photo editors.  With ongoing curatorial vision the association identifies emerging talent, keeping our talent pool fresh and cutting edge. The WPJA is dedicated to upholding the highest standards in creative wedding photojournalism while promoting best business practices. "

The Sector Omega-1 Wedding

Greater Noida is an amorphous entity in throes of its growing pains. Walled apartment complexes stretches as far as the eyes can see - with a generous share of  vacant units serving as  speculative investments. Makeshift real-estate offices with gold colored plastic chairs come to life every morning -  on top of bare sidewalks adjacent to dusty expressways. The retail sector is yet to play catch up with the scattered residential developments and personal automobile is more a necessity than a luxury. The story of Greater Noida is probably not unlike the story of most other satellite towns that are sprouting beyond the burgeoning Indian megacities...

Perhaps the most beautiful milieu within "Sector Omega-1"  was our friends Neha and Abhishek's wedding venue. The decorations were spectacular, splashes of orange, red and maroon completely transforming the barren park within the housing society, and a visual treat to photograph. Neha was gorgeous and Abhishek just wouldnt stop smiling. If only our 18month old toddler's bedtime routine didnt start at 6.30pm....  As a welcome photographic surprise, the annoying hot lights from the videographers gifted my frames the much appreciated back-lit highlights that I would've never gotten with my flash...

Watch this space for more photos from the wedding !